Become A Mental Health Trainer

Offer Support To Those Who Need It Most & Start An Incredibly Rewarding Career By Becoming a Mental Health Trainer.

Today, understanding and optimising our mental wellbeing is more important than ever. And there are millions of people across the world who need ongoing support and guidance when it comes to their state of mind.

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to get involved with us as a trainer and start your journey to running your own business in an incredibly rewarding space – both emotionally and financially.

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What Is Mental Welfare Coach?

At Mental Welfare Coach, we support individuals and businesses with modern mental health training and techniques. Our teams currently operate in the UK, Europe, Australia and more – and we’re expanding further by inviting a limited number of people to join our network as a trainer.

Our company is a world lead in mental health and mental health awareness training. We’ve taught in more than 25 countries and continue to work with high-level organisations across the world, including the UK Government.

As a pre-established brand – and with public funding confirmed in the coming months to support our mission – we give aspirational people the tools they need to build and succeed with their own career in mental wellbeing training.

We offer a unique approach to teach evidenced-informed and science-based mental health training, as well as provide you with the techniques and concepts to support you and your bank of clients on a daily basis.

Is Mental Wellbeing Training Right For You?

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in mental wellbeing training – or even if you just have a strong desire to help others – this could be the perfect option! We’re here to support your ambitions to make a positive impact on the people who need it most – and form a successful, self-run business in the process.

In order to ensure you succeed and get the most out of this opportunity, we’re looking for people with the following attributes:

  • Open to learning modern mental health techniques
  • Motivated to deliver a product in demand
  • Passion to help people and their organisations
  • Interest in learning basic neuroscience and physics
  • Confident and congruent
  • Be prepared to learn and evolve
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Is Mental Wellbeing Training a Viable Career Opportunity?

Absolutely! Running your own business in the mental wellness space can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative. Alongside doing your bit to support people, you can easily boost your annual income by more than £50,000. After completing our course, these are typical rates trainers receive from their clients:

  • 1-day awareness package – £750
  • 1-day coaching package – £1,000
  • 2-day package to teach first responder skills – £1,500

By delivering two of the above packages each month, you can generate an income of up to £4,500 from just 6 days’ work. Any trainers with Mental Welfare Coach will also have the opportunity to offer an ongoing support package for their clients with a daily rate of £750. We help you thrive – ethically and commercially!

What Happens When You Become a Trainer?

When you partner with Mental Welfare Coach, you can have complete confidence that you’re well equipped to start and grow your business in mental wellbeing training. Education, ongoing business support and a wide range of resources are available when you partner with us to become a trainer.

Our mental health and wellbeing course gives you:

  • Professional Coaching Certification
  • Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma
  • Professional CPD Recognised by Industry
  • Mental Health Training
  • Professional Training – Train the Trainer Program
  • Mental Health Training Packages Ready For Your Clients
  • Training in Mental Health and Wellbeing Interventions

You’ll also receive the following support on an ongoing basis:

  • Your own mentor with our specialist team to guide and support
  • Online peer support groups via G-Suite
  • Insurance for 1 year
  • Continuous updates with mental health and wellbeing
  • Delivery training material
  • Business training
  • Full support and guidance on operating procedures
  • Social media and website support
  • Sales training

Your investment to become a Mental Welfare Coach Trainer

This license is for 2 years and renewable.

Your first license is £8000 +VAT

On renewing it will be 12 months at £4000 +VAT

If the above information is in line with your interests and professional targets, we’d love to hear from you, so call the team on +44 (0)800 233 5589 or email

Please do not purchase this product until you have spoken to our onboarding team or training manager.

If you have been accepted onto the program please proceed and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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