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The Mental Welfare Coach Practitioners course is designed for therapists and for those with no experience who want to help themselves, friends, colleagues or as a therapist wants to add further skills.

This course has been designed to support members of the public, military and emergency services personnel around the world.

Become a Practitioner

This course has been put together by some of the leads in their respective field and is highly unique, we won’t just talk about mental health, we will teach you how to implement techniques, importance of nutrition and explain the science behind why we as humans do what we do. We have tough this to children, serving members of the armed forces and members of the public for use at home or in the workplace.

Achieve mental wellbeing & maintain a positive environment at work & at home with industry leading mental health accreditated training

Learn the tools and techniques we use to help thousands of individuals, organisations and uniformed services across the world maintain a positive state of mind.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety at work and home
  • Help team members overcome depression and PTSD
  • Create a successful mental health support system
  • No experience needed to learn with us
  • Join our support group

Our modern and dynamic approach to mental health goes beyond educating you on the issue of mental wellbeing and gives you the tools to make a difference. That’s why we’re trusted by individuals and teams all over the world to offer expert training and support. We’re here to help you bounce back from the everyday struggles of life with practical techniques that help you take control of your mind.

This is not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling or Just gimmicks, these are real life approaches that have saved lives, gifted people their life back and restored families and been taught in over 50 countries.

Imagine being able to change someones life in an instant or support them at a time of need.

We will teach you

Techniques and Methods

The techniques we will teach you will work alongside medication, medical teams and other support you may well be receiving, this course is not to replace support you have in place but to develop your understanding and your behaviours.

We are going to take you on a journey showing you better communication techniques internally and externally to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions. We are going to teach you techniques that will instantly change emotions, thoughts or feelings.

Imagine that

Being able to apply these techniques immediately that will support you, a family member or a friend. We are going to not only teach you but be on standby in our forum to help you and guide you.

Nutritional Training

A step-by-step guide to changing how you think and feel about food combined with a super simple colour code nutrition plan and designed by one of the UKs leading nutritionalists.

This element is designed to give you a solid idea and plans for you to understand Nutrition, to lose weight and a clearer understanding of the link between your gut and mental health. You are what you eat, we will show you in a powerful and easy way how to have a happier life.

Neuroscience Explained

Neuroscience is the study of the brain and is very complex, so we have designed an approach that will teach people the fundamentals of why they do, what they do and the basics behind this vast subject. The approach is to show people that they’re not alone in their struggles or issues life throws at them.

The brain is perhaps the most complicated and intricate system that exists however we have made it so simple that children, veterans, emergency services and parents walk away with a better understanding.

This can be used by individuals, groups or in corporate environments and will help you personally, your family, friends or colleagues.

You will become a certified Mental Welfare Coach

Once you’ve completed the course we will certify you as a Mental Welfare Coach, which is an accredited course and if you want, you can get insurance to practice.

Check out the practitioners course its open to anyone, it could help you, a family member or a colleague one day

Become A Practitioner